Záhorie protected landscape area

Záhorie protected landscape area

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Záhorie protected landscape area is one of the biggest protected areas in Slovakia, covering several sections with natural and semi-natural area. In the framework of one of those sections, the protected landscape area Nesek, we are interested in the former Calmont oil field. The local population living near to the Calmont area was interested in the preservation of natural elements. Before the Calmont drilling took place, the environment was protected. A question remained: how to help local communities and especially people living in “Nesek” or elsewhere near Calmont to get to know the new environment? They must be able to enjoy their new life in a better manner, to prevent a possible despair in that case.

Exploring nature in several groups

Before the drilling of the Calmont oilfield started, local people could enjoy the nature at “Calmont Mountain,” a natural recreation area not far from the former Calmont oilfield. Local communities could reach the area only with public transport or a hike. It is a 100 km- long hiking trail that would be interrupted at the Calmont oilfield. Fortunately the area is now a protected landscape. It is impossible to drill for oil at the protected area. The visitors would also feel differently in the protected area, having an interest to preserve the natural landscape and enjoy themselves on the way. In the same way, a recently builded walking path from Bratislava to Pelhřimov connected several protected areas. Such projects of nature protection give people an opportunity to enjoy a walk or a trip in the nature.

Are there any other similar protected landscapes in the area? There are many more protected areas in Slovakia and they can be found all over the country. Do local communities have an equal opportunity to enjoy them? Are they planned properly to increase their feeling of belonging to them?

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Wildlife &, nature

The environment is a gift from nature. But the environment is also a place where we can also survive. Wild animals and especially big animals can protect us from natural disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes or from other natural catastrophes. The remnants of a big creature or a cave bear can also protect us from harm from our daily lifestyle. With those species of animals, we are closer to nature and we can learn how to live close to nature. In this way we are aware of the fact that living close to nature is the key to protect nature.

Weather forecasting and land use

The weather forecast plays a big role in the life of every human being. It allows to forecast the weather situation. When the weather is too windy, rain or cold, it is possible to plan something differently. But if the weather forecast is wrong, it could cause damages to people and the environment. The area of weather forecasting is now quite developed and a major research topic. Researchers want to find more about the atmospheric boundary layer. The atmospheric boundary layer is the layer in the atmosphere where the atmosphere reaches the earth surface. It is named after an imaginary line between the earth surface and the lower atmosphere where an undisturbed air column is maintained.So it is important to see what is above and below this imaginary line and how the boundary layer changes. The research results are directly used for weather forecasting and can be further applied in the development of protection strategies in the atmosphere.

An aspect of the topic is the further use of meteorological stations for climate modelling. The further development is to improve the calculation of the atmosphere temperature by using the climate modelling. It is one of the major developments of the Earth Systems Research.

Waste treatment

New technologies are also considered for the treatment of waste. One of them is the so called floating barrier, which is a system where the rainwater would go through a sand screen and would slowly release the chemicals that are used for the treatment of water. The treatment process is quite slow but it is much cheaper than the new methods of waste treatment. It is an old method but with the modern ideas and technologies it could be developed further. Another use of the waste treatment could be the addition of more colour to the water.


With the new technology of continuous braking systems (CBS) the temperature can be increased to higher temperatures than the naturally existing ones. If one looks at the Arctic, for example, there is no concept of a “heating”. The high temperatures are there for a natural reason. However, in the Arctic, the people have been living there for a long time and have learned to live with those high temperatures. The high