Cooking Demo: Organic Baby Food

Cooking Demo: Organic Baby Food

Photo courtesy BabyCenter

Today’s live Facebook event features a healthy baby-food cooking demonstration by Chef Tyler Florence and BabyCenter’s Lindsay Weiss.

Pregnancy and parenting website will be hosting its first-ever live Facebook event today. Scheduled to run from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., the event will feature a cooking demonstration by Tyler Florence, chef, author and co-founder of Sprout Organic Baby Food, and Lindsay Weiss, food contributor and blogger for BabyCenter’s “Momformation”.

“This event taps into two growing trends among moms: the desire to buy organic and a growing need for convenience in every aspect of their lives, especially the kitchen,” says Linda Murray, BabyCenter editor in chief. “Teaching moms how to introduce their babies to healthy foods similar to what is being served to the rest of the family will save them time and allow them to encourage healthy eating habits at an early age.”

During the cooking demonstration, to be filmed at the Tyler Florence Shop in Mill Valley, Calif., Florence and Weiss will show parents how to make a healthful, tasty Thanksgiving meal for their babies. They’ll also explain how parents can expand the palates of their babies through foods that are rich in flavor and nutrition.

“The goal of Sprout is to teach parents that, by offering babies a wide variety of delicious, nutritious foods right from the start, they can encourage the development of healthy eating habits to last a lifetime,” Florence says. “BabyCenter is the ideal partner to help us reach and educate millions of moms about the importance of encouraging healthy eating early on.”

Fans are invited to post questions on the BabyCenter Facebook page in real-time. The questions will be answered by Florence and Weiss, and prizes, including a Tyler Florence Shop Gift Basket with a selection of gourmet items, including Sprout Organic Baby Food, Tyler’s Start Fresh cookbook and a gift bag of BabyCenter-branded goods, will be given away throughout the hour.

To view and participate, visit the BabyCenter Facebook page and click on the BabyCenter LIVE link or follow along on Twitter at #BabyCenterLive. After the live event, an edited version of the show will be available for viewing at and

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