Corner Shelf: Making Do

Corner Shelf: Making Do

Photo by Jim Ruen
I hung my daughter’s corner shelf with wire found in my workshop—no big-box store required.

The other day, my daughter wanted to hang a shelf she had made. The challenge was that it was a corner shelf and I only had one appropriate hanger for the job. What I needed was something that could attach to the corner shelf and, in turn, allow my daughter to drive a couple of nails into either side of the corner center, avoiding the taped corner itself.

My options were a trip to a neighboring town with a functioning hardware store (as I have noted, an endangered species in rural America) or a longer trip to a larger community with hardware and big-box stores. Of course there’s always another alternative: the shed.

My shed/workshop/treasure trove of leftover junk, parts, tools and even some new supplies is currently a mess. I have yet to make time to finish my overhead storage and in-wall shelving. (It’s better than what I had in the past, but it definitely needs work. I keep hoping for a rainy day or two or 20.)

After going through multiple bins and boxes of parts, all I could find was some wire. Wire would do.

I cut two 2-inch lengths of light wire, bent each in half and twisted the respective ends together. Using two pliers, I put two more twists in the center of each loop. This created two tight figure eights.

I then drilled pilot holes for screws on either backside of the corner shelf, installed the screws and handed it over to my daughter. She secured it in place with a couple of finishing nails.

No mileage, no gas and minimum hassle … when in need, make do.

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