Wooden garden box succulent plant

Wooden garden box succulent plant

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Wooden garden box succulent plant

Have you ever noticed a wooden garden box? I love them, they’re so handy and they look great. You can decorate them using acrylic paints or other finishes like wax. I made this box to store my various succulents and came up with some fun and funky DIY designs for the containers and the frames.

You can use the same garden box to plant basil and kiwi or avocado. The design is pretty versatile, so you can create a succulent garden for your patio or for your child’s bedroom.

What you’ll need:

plastic frame for the garden

wooden frame for the little boxes

wooden box for the little boxes

wood for the wood on the boxes

sink, spray and a hammer


• wood for the wood of the boxes

• plastic flower pot for the garden

• wooden stick for the garden

• a small hammer

Tools for drilling holes and cutting

• miter saw or jigsaw

• a hand drill

• hand chisel



First we’re going to attach the box and the frame to the pot. You’ll need a screwdriver or pliers. Place the container with the hole in the middle and attach the frame using the hole. You may need to use a screwdriver or pliers to position the parts correctly.

Next, we’re going to make the hole for the screw. The hole can be made using a drill or by using a jigsaw. I chose to use a jigsaw, which is a great tool to use for all types of DIY projects. Just attach the jigsaw to the drill. This is one tool I use in almost every project, and it is easy to clean. Make sure the depth of the blade of the jigsaw is 3-5mm, and use a saw guide. The depth of the blade depends on the size of the hole you want to make.You can do it the same way I did and make sure the blade is perpendicular to the edge of the frame and the drill.


I started by filling in the boxes using an acrylic acrylic paint. It is not really necessary to cover all the space, but you can do that for a prettier look. I also added lines of acrylic paint to the sides to enhance the design of the box. If you want to add more interest and contrast, you can paint white on the outside and leave the sides of the boxes exposed.


Next, let’s cut the box. Take the miter saw and make a cut with the blade parallel to the edge of the box. Make sure the blade is perfectly perpendicular and then cut a small part of the wooden board you’re working on to give yourself a better grip. Next, use a hand chisel and make a cut around the edge of the frame, but not along the inside of the box. This will enable you to open the box and use the outside to cover the internal wall.


Now we’re going to drill a few holes on the inside of the box. The best tool to use here is a jigsaw. If you use a jigsaw, make sure it is perpendicular to the side of the frame and to the edge of the box, and make a cut with the blade of the jigsaw. I made one hole with the jigsaw and then I drilled another hole on top of it.

Next, add another hole on top of the hole made with the jigsaw. I was left with a small hole, but you should be able to cover it with an additional hole. You can do this in multiple stages. If you use a hand drill, it is best to drill only one hole at a time to avoid any mistakes.


Let’s add the handles to the box. The handles are going to cover the holes you’ve drilled on the frame. Take a piece of wood for the handle and hammer it in place. Use a nail for this. When you’re done, you’re going to attach another piece of wood to the other side of the hole, and hammer that in place. Then, attach another piece to the other side of the hole.

You can use a standard handle for this part.The top piece will be attached in place, and the bottom will be screwed into place. If you want, you can use some screws to screw the handles onto the frame. I love the look of it like that, but it can also be done without the screws, just like I did.

If you want to attach the handles to the box and leave some room for the plant, you can add another piece of wood as I did. Remember, that you ll want to attach a few pieces of wood so that the garden fits inside the box and that you don’t add too much weight to the box.


The design of the box is almost finished. But we have one more thing to do. Using the same jigsaw, cut the opposite side of the box to create a concave shape. It should look like this:

Add handles and screws on both sides of the hole. Now we’re going to use the box for planting. Attach the screws on the bottom of the box. You can leave the box empty for now, and make sure the screws are tight.


Last but not least, let’s add the plants to the box. It’s time to plant the succulents. Take a variety of succulents, some chamomile and a spider plant. Choose the succulents you want to put inside the box. You can mix and match between the plants you chose. I chose to leave the spider plant outside and planted it in the garden. I’m also going to plant some chamomile inside, as I think it will look nice with the other succul