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Plant list bot garden

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Plant list bot garden

The Plant List bot garden is a botanical garden managed by the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, Missouri. It contains over 7,500 specimens of flowering plants and shrubs from more than 3,100 species, most of which are native to North America.


The garden was first conceived of and later established by Henry Shaw (1812–1872), a plant explorer, naturalist and philanthropist, who desired to collect plants from all parts of the world, and place them in botanical gardens. He traveled to a number of botanical gardens around the world during his lifetime, collecting plants for these gardens, or in return donating some to them. Upon his return to America, he gave a number of his collections to his alma mater, Oberlin College, and to the Missouri Botanical Garden. During this time he also studied at Yale University.

In 1853, Henry Shaw and Henry J. Beeman were appointed conservators of the garden, which they named after Shaw, in honor of his efforts. In 1895, the garden was renovated by Frederick A. Proctor, who had previously created the Paradise Windows in Washington, DC.


Rock Garden

This is an area with a number of large rock outcroppings and cliff-side specimens of various plants, including black spruce, dogwood, goldenrod, rhododendron, spirea, and viburnum.

Moss Garden

The "Moss" Garden contains collections of several species of mosses and horsetails, as well as seed ferns, pitcher plants, and bromeliads.

Milliken Pool

This is a pond with an assortment of various aquatic plants and trees, including white water lily, tall grasses, and cattail.

Herb Garden

The "Herb Garden" contains many varieties of flowering and ornamental herbaceous plants, as well as specimens of some perennials. Among the plants and plants mentioned in the garden are rosemary, geranium, cosmos, and poppy.

Woodland Garden

The "Woodland Garden" contains specimens of many woodland and woodland-edge plants, including bluebells, hawthorn, honeysuckle, and lilacs. In addition, specimens of trees, including basswood, American elm, bur-maple, common pear, European hornbeam, and red maple, can be found.

Bicentennial Garden

The "Bicentennial Garden" contains specimens of deciduous and evergreen flowering trees, shrubs, and vines, as well as flowering herbs and ferns, including Chinese peony, Japanese yew, horsetail, and monkeyflower. In addition, the garden contains trees native to the Bicentennial State of Missouri, which include black locust, dogwood, flowering dogwood, hackberry, and olive tree.

The Monsoon Garden

This is an area with large specimens of trees and shrubs, as well as vines and ferns, from many tropical climates and monsoons of the world. The Monsoon Garden includes examples of the common poinciana, ebony, cocoyam, castor bean, rubber plant, and bamboo.

Plant List Research Garden

The "Plant List Research Garden" contains a number of specimens of garden- and landscape-specific plants native to the U.S. and Canada. In addition to plants native to the U.S. and Canada, this garden contains plants native to Mexico, South America, Africa, and Asia. Some examples of the plants mentioned in the garden include palm, bamboo, butterfly bush, ivy geranium, hibiscus, and ceanothus.

Plant List Wild Garden

The "Plant List Wild Garden" is the largest botanical garden of its kind in the world, and consists of 3,500 plants of 3,500 species of wildflower native to North America, including both herbaceous and woody plants.


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